Magnetic Lines

magnetic field lines of a bar magnet

When the bar magnet is placed near a metal object it causes the object to be an generated magnetic field that lines up with the magnetic field lines of the bar magnet. The induced magnetic field of a bar magnet is like a compass with its northern-pointing point. A magnet will always have a north magnetic field line, while the magnetic field lines will be pointing to the south magnetic field. There are other magnetic fields that extend beyond the north and south. These magnetic fields could create magnetic fields that are directed in different directions.

For instance electric fields are usually similar to smaller compasses, whereas larger compasses have opposite electric fields. So, the smaller compass would point North, while the larger compass is South. The magnetic field lines around the poles can be affected by Earth’s form and movement. Smaller compasses could point to West while larger compasses will point towards East. You will observe that the North Pole is closer to electric fields on smaller compass lines compared to those on the larger compass lines.

Another difference between the magnetic field lines of a bar magnet or a small compass’s magnetic field is the amount of current flowing through them. A small compass generally has one orientation (North – South). A larger compass will usually have two opposite polarities (North – West and East). The flux of current is what creates the magnetic fields of a bar magnet different from a small compass.

The difference in magnetic field lines can be easily seen by taking a look at the compass. A compass might show a North/South magnetic line with West/East magnet forces as the main forces that drive it to spin. Because there are not large North/South magnetic fields in a bar magnet, it won’t show the exact magnetic field line. Instead, there are just opposing forces of West and East magnetic force.

The simplest explanation is that the West or East electric force doesn’t want to stay close to the North pole for long periods of time. This forces the field of electricity to eventually retreat and result in an eroding magnetic field line. Additionally, since there aren’t many large North/South magnetic fields in the bar magnet, it will not have a lot of magnetic field lines of the kind that a bar magnet experiences. The magnet is said to have “zero magnetic field lines that are caused by magnetic fields” due to the absence of horizontal magnetic field lines similar to a bar magnet. That means the magnet appears to always be “centered” or in North magnetic direction.

However in reality, the magnetic field lines that are a part of the bar magnet aren’t always true. If you place your finger on the North pole using your finger alone you’ll feel a slight compass effect. The magnetic field lines will trace the finger back to the magnetic field. Also, the earth’s magnetic field lines can be extremely bent, which can cause objects to be oriented differently even although the North Pole is still located in the middle of the magnet.

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