Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse Gases – Our Earth’s Greatest Man

Greenhouse gasses have been found to exist at very high concentrations in our atmosphere, and due to this we have to take the necessary actions to counteract this problem before it becomes too much of a problem to handle. A greenhouse gas is merely a gas which includes an atomic mix that can absorb and emit radiant heat inside the visible infrared spectrum, creating the greenhouse effect. The main greenhouse gasses in Earth’s air include carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. While it’s true that these greenhouse gases play play a significant role in warming Earth’s temperatures, it’s also a fact that the majority of our global warming happens inside the Earth’s upper atmosphere, or even the atmosphere we can see with the naked eye.

Now, scientists have identified a procedure that they believe is responsible for the elevated levels of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. This process is one they call”ozone hole”. What they mean by this is that as human beings began to generate more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, there was an effort by some of the chemicals to escape space. This increased the concentration of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere, and this has continued to grow over time.

So what can we do to reduce greenhouse gasses? Among the ways we can reduce the concentration of the greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere is by reusing a few of the goods we use daily like paper and wood. We can also take steps to clean up our world by choosing wisely when it comes to what we produce and consume. Another fantastic way to help prevent additional increases in greenhouse gasses would be to use electric-heating systems, turn off your thermostat and use blanket insulation to lower your home’s temperature.