Fishing Magnets For Sale

fishing magnets for sale

Fishing magnets are a great way to quickly pick up items from the water. These powerful magnets are made from neodymium and have a high holding force. These magnets can also be used to retrieve a boat anchor quickly and easily. These magnetic devices come with an eye-bolt for securing the magnet to a nylon rope.

Magnetic fishing magnets can come in a wide variety of sizes, including single-sided and double-sided magnets. Their strength will vary based on the strength of the Neodymium content. Beginners will want to choose a double-sided magnet that has a pull force of 110 kilograms, while experienced fishers will opt for a single-sided magnet with a pull of 160 kilograms or more.

Magnet fishing requires a good knowledge of magnets and its properties. Neodymium magnets are extremely powerful and can easily pull two-thousand-pound objects from the water. This fishing method can be practiced almost anywhere, whether in the sea or inland. The hobby can be both a humbling experience and an opportunity for amateur archaeologists and historians. It also requires some luck and an Indiana Jones-style thirst for discovery.

There are two basic types of magnets: dipping and single-sided. While the double-sided ones are better for attracting objects on a boat, a single-sided magnet is great for dipping along canal edges and pulling heavy objects. Single-sided magnets tilt upward when dragged and are better for picking up heavier objects than their double-sided counterparts.

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